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Anthony Mckeown

From events to portraits and anything in-between, Anthony’s photos will help you to capture your event.

Photography for me is an interest I have had for many years, with a passion to capture that one moment for posterity.
As a local Councillor at times, I’ve had the chance to be at, and on occasions be behind the scenes at some great events and I’ve always been keen to share those moments when I can.
Wherever I am, I usually have a camera with me trying to capture unique views and stories along the way, my photo portfolio spans a wide range from cars, landscapes, coasts, and buildings, too much more.
In the right moment, a photo can speak a thousand words, not only capturing what we look like, but also who we are. At events or whenever taking your photo, I will try to capture your image as it happens with limited posing, aiming to capture the biggest moments and tiniest detail, whilst aiming to tell whatever is the story that goes with the image.

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Thank you for taking an interest in my photography and I hope you enjoy looking through my images.
To get in touch, you can contact me by clicking here.

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