Town Hall Sessions

Town Hall SessionsTown Hall Sessions : This year’s August Bank Holiday saw a new venture take place in Glossop.

Aimed at highlighting the work that the Glossopdale Trust is doing with the Bureau and High Peak Borough Council to restore and rejuvenate the Glossop Town Hall complex of buildings, it essentially saw the Bankswood Festival transferred to Norfolk Square with the addition of music at 7 other venues across Glossop and Old Glossop in the evenings.

Starting off on Friday there was music at 6 venues (Harvey Leonard, The Friendship, The Globe, The Oakwood, The Commercial and the Queens).

I was able to capture 3 of the venues on the Friday :

Gavin Barras​ at the Friendship Inn​ – see more pictures at :

The Solid Air Band​ at The Globe Inn​ – see more pictures at :

George Borowski​ and MORA Music​ at The Oakwood Pub​ – see more pictures at :

Saturday saw the main stage take over​ Norfolk Square with a great line of acts.

First up The Regent Big Band​ – see more pictures at :

Daydream Hotel​ – see more pictures at :

Gorilla Riot​ – see more pictures at :

Room Thirteen – see more pictures at :

and finishing off the main stage for day 2 Glossop’s own The Trend – see more pictures at :

Whilst crowd shots for each band are included with the band shots, there some that don’t fit in – so there in people and other bits :

The evening of Day 2,​ saw music at 7 venues across Glossop and Old Glossop – I was able to capture proceedings at 5 of them.

Matt Williams​ performing as VNETO in Harvey Leonard’s Wine & Ale Tasters Glossop​ see more pictures at :

Quiet Loner​ in the Friendship Inn​ see more pictures at :

Lauren Davidson in The Oakwood Pub​ see more pictures at :

G.J. Armstrong​ in the Friendship Inn see more pictures at :

Suede Apple​ in The Globe Inn​ see more pictures at :

Tony Auton​ in the Oakwood see more pictures at :

Eliza P Singer​ in the Glossop Labour Club​ see more pictures at :

Day 3 on the main stage in Norfolk Square saw a little bit of everything :

Starting with the Whitfield Parish​ Church Service – more pictures at :

Next up was the League of Ladies WI​ Choir – see more pictures at :

Sophia Marshall​ – see more pictures at :

The cornelius crane​ – see more pictures at :

Rook and The Ravens​ – see more pictures at :

A great few days of local music, and quite a lot of folk taking an interest in the proposals for the Town Hall, now the interesting thing for next year – hopefully as well as a return to Bankswood, there is enough room to be able to extend things to include at least a day of the Town Hall sessions back in Norfolk Square.

There’s a selection of photos below, with links above to each of the band sessions – if you’re one of the bands and you want to use the photos – please get in touch

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