Notwestminster 2017

NotwesminterLast weekend (10th / 11th February), I once again had the opportunity to both attend of cover Notwestminster.

Notwestminster is a great weekend of talking, listening and learning on issues around local democracy, held at the excellent Media Centre in Huddersfield.

It starts off with a day of  local democracy experiments on the Friday, followed later on by an evening of education and entertainment with Notwesmtinster PechaKucha, and then the main event of workshops, lighting talks and the ideas bazar on the Saturday.

PechaKucha, if you’ve never heard of it, is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images for 20 seconds each, with the presenter talking along as the slides advance automatically. Last Friday’s presentations themed to tie into Notwestminster, covered the history of local authorities, community information, using digital in local planning and more, not quite as unusual as one of last years offerings which looked at the missing parts of the Godfather trilogy.

For more information on Notwesminster goto :, a few of the photos from the event are poster below, you can view more at :

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I’m also showing a little bit of vanity with some of the feedback from the event as below :